frames for a sinking rooftop

pseudo-world gymnastics

▦▦▦ ▦▦2021 
디지털 드로잉Digital drawing 2021
건물 뒤편
Behind a building 2021
물속에서Underwater 2020
늦은 오후의 공상Daydreams in the late afternoon 2020
어떤 포옹A hug 2017-2020
빈집의 손님 색 없는 방Guests of Empty home, and a room achromatic 2020
다른 창문
Another window 2020
다른 손님Another guest O 2020

sleepless state of vacancy

자유롭게 떠도는 방법들Ways of free-floating 2019 
Cross co-ordinates 2017
가명전시 Exhibition under a false name 2016